[MUSIC PLAYING] We want to guys,
not attitude guys, and guys that want
to come to the rink and guys that want
to do the things that are required of them. And I think that’s the
key to being successful. Come on! Go! Go! Go! Go! It’s a long year in terms
of the time commitment. I think it may be the longest
season the NCAA from start to the Frozen Four. Go! Short! Short! Short! Go! I don’t want the guys ever
to look at playing hockey at UNH as a grind. I want them to look at it
as a great opportunity. Our busiest days
are usually Monday, Wednesday is when we
have our workout, which is like, an extra hour or
two that you’re at the rink. Heads on a swivel! I got a and a half at all times! There’s a lot of practicing
in college hockey. And a lot of these
guys are coming from junior hockey, when they’re
playing 60, 70, 80 games. We only play 34
regular season games. Get going! Get going, Chris! So practice at times
can be tedious, but I think that’s a
responsibility of our staff to make sure that
we keep it fresh. Angus, come back on the inside
on this side with Charlie– Coach, he always says like, we
won’t keep you out there long, but we got to go hard. [GRUNTING] Which I love. I love being pushed as a player. One, two, three. Hey! I think the biggest
thing that we love to do is go and have dinner
after practice together. We take up a bunch of tables
inside Holloway Commons. It’s awesome being able
to socialize with the guys at the end the day. And we see each other
the next day around 9 AM. One, two, three! The responsibility of a UNH
hockey player is a big one, and all the guys take
it very seriously. We always appreciate it when
there’s little kids coming out to skate with us. It’s cool to see
them look up to you. And you want to just be a
good role model for them. I’m a finance major in
the Paul Business school. My major is sports studies
with a minor in business. My biggest thing is I
want to stay in sports or in the game some way. Growing up, my parents
and my grandparents, too, would always
stress how important the academic side was, and how
hockey doesn’t last forever. Even if you do go
pro, you’re still going to have to end up
getting a job at some point. So I have been taking it
so seriously in college. And so I just want to
make my parents proud, make my grandparents proud. That was the biggest
thing for my mom. It’s always books
first, athletics second. I want to be the best student
athlete I can be here. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the advantages, I think,
of playing in Hockey East is that it is a bus league. In other leagues in the
country, you’re on a plane, you’re flying here
there and everywhere. Yeah, you may be on a bus,
but most nights you’re going to be back
home in your own bed. You know, being a
hockey player, being an athlete this level is
something you don’t really think much about. Guys are playing
junior hockey where they’re familiar with
10 and 12 hour bus trip and then playing that night. Yeah, I played with
BCHL in juniors. It’s a 12-hour road trip
up to Prince George. And it’s just a long haul. It’s brutal. It’s in the middle of winter. It’s no fun. But meanwhile, like,
the longest one here is– that we’ve had
this year is five hours. We’re like, this is easy for us. This is a breeze. At this point, everyone’s
been on the bus for extended periods of time. And if I’m tired, I’ll just
shut my eyes for a little bit. Obviously, playing
out of Boston school is always pretty special. It’s by the hub of our league. It’s a sense of pride any
time I have an opportunity to showcase UNH in Boston. And our players realize
that oftentimes, if you want to get
anywhere in Hockey East, you’ve got to go through
the schools in Boston. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] A sell out crowd at
the Whittemore Center tonight for the Wildcats
and Black Bears. [PERCUSSION] The White Out the Whitt
game is really special, and all the guys
look forward to it. [CHEERING] Obviously, the history of the
rivalry between us and Maine is big. There’s been a lot of
historic games played, whether it’s at Fenway or
Frozen Fours in Anaheim. [CHEERING] The rink is packed and you
have the student section full. [CHEERING] I love it, and it brings that
extra bit of energy for you. A blast from Mass. Score! There’s nothing like
coming here, playing a home game at the Whittemore
Center on a Saturday when the place is packed. There’s extra energy
in the building. The team that seems
to have more life. It’s something that
brings me back to my time here as a student athlete. Nazarian off the face and score! [CHEERING] And I don’t think there’s
any other experience like it in our conference in national! Ara Nazarian in overtime! [CHEERING]

UNH Hockey Behind The Scenes 2018-19 Episode 2

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