There’s a real aura
about this place. And everyone says that but
it’s absolutely true. Let’s go out and play
our hearts out. Ready? Let’s go. Cats on three, one two three. Cats! We walked out of the dugout
and we were like wow. To me, Fenway, it’s
the holy grail. There’s just so much
history here. You don’t have to live in New
England to appreciate it. [SINGING] And the home of the brave. It’s a once in a lifetime
event, literally. I’m not sure that they’re ever
gonna come back and spend a million dollars setting a rink
up in Fenway but for UNH it’s a fabulous opportunity. UNH. UNH. UNH. UNH. UNH. On the other side, score. Well, we talked about
a defensive battle, forget about it. It’s two to one now with three
goals in the first four minutes of play. I’ve never played in an
actual outdoor game. I mean growing up I always
played pond hockey. Being from Canada we always had
those outdoor rinks around our houses but never in
anything, league game or anything, this caliber. Quick passing here on the
right side, score, New Hampshire has tied it up
here at Fenway Park. I grew up a few minutes from
here in south Boston so I know coming in here everyone
was pumped. And to be able to score and make
out a point for your team is just great. [AUDIENCE YELLING] We’re definitely appreciative
of the amount of people that came out to watch us. And hopefully this puts in a
word for women’s hockey and how much we’ve grown. This is so awesome. It’s a little chilly. Last time I was here
I was worried about getting sunburned. Now I’m worried about
getting frostbite. But it’s really fantastic. We’re thrilled to be here. Go blue. Go wild. Go blue. Go wild. UNH. Good game, glad they kind of
woke up and came back, should be an exciting last
couple of minutes. Lavoie gives UNH its first
lead of the game. When we were sitting around
a table at Hockey East discussing who the potential
opponents would be, UNH women’s program was the number
one choice because it’s one of those legacy programs, as is
Northeastern by the way. I mean they are two iconic
programs in the sport of women’s hockey. But what Brian has done here
recently with our long run of successful seasons,
it was a natural. That’s one of my highlights in
30 years of coaching, being on that bench today. It’s just an honor to be asked
to play in it and to come out with a win, I’m just
speechless. It’s just an unbelievable
feeling. And to have, on your resume,
that you played in the first outdoor women’s game is nice. But to be able to say you won
it with four goals in the third is pretty special. You guys are awesome.

UNH Women’s Hockey at Fenway
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  • May 9, 2010 at 6:36 am

    I would loved to have seen this in person.


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