Oh yeah! Check that out, the electronics
are in and I got to power it up for the first time it’s so high Hey welcome back to part two of the HPI
RS4 Sport Three Creators Edition build-off series and that was take
number 15 of getting that name right but anyway I have been hard at work building
our project vehicle and I’ve got the electronics in I’ve got the option parts
in that I showed you and what I want to do today is go over that stuff so you
guys could see what I’m up to so as you can see the chassis is a
little bit different from what I showed you last time in part number one of this
video series and if you haven’t seen that one yet I’ll put a link to it up
above but what I did so far was installed the spool in the rear I showed
you guys the spool and basically I want positive traction throughout the entire
vehicle for what I am building so I put that spool in the rear and I actually
pulled out the front differential I wanted to put a spool in there but each
guide didn’t send one for the front so I went and locked it up with some diff
so that’s kind of what’s going on as far as it drivetrain changes actually what I
also did was while I had it apart I wouldn’t installed the universals front
and rear those are pretty easy to assemble
just remember to add grease to them and they have these little sleeves that hold
a pin in which I really need these little orange sleeves that you see and
that’s it for drive train uh the only other thing was the pinion gear I used
an HDI pinion gear and now on to the electronics that’s the other major
change here so I went ahead and installed the HPI servo that I showed
you guys the only change that I made from what kind of stock is is the servo
saver I went and locked it out usually it has a spring in there to act as the
servo saver rip that out not gonna be needed for
what I’m gonna use this for and drop that servo and the other thing I did
want to tell you guys is the receiver box in part one I think I mentioned that
it was a weatherproof receiver box it’s not there’s no seals or anything like
that so a little bummed to see that however it does cover up the receiver so
that’s totally cool now on to the motor and speaking troller those just drop in
nice and easily here and it the layout looks really nice I mean I hit all the
wires inside the receiver box tidied up the wires over here but everything fits
in nice and tight and it just looks really cool overall and that’s really
about what I’ve done so far I put the body
mounts on front rear it does come with that foam bumper like I showed you but
this is all you get for this particular video guys because the next one is when
you’re going to see a lot of changes so based on what I’ve done so far have you
changed your guesses from the last video of what I’m building I’m interested to
see what you guys think of this so far so let me know what’s going on in the
comment section below and I will give you one hint I am working on a roll cage
to put on this thing so what are your guesses definitely let me know and we’ll
see you back here for build number three

Upgrade & Electronics Time – HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition Build-Off Part 2 | RC Driver
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