By the time they get here,
they’re a bunch of barracudas. These kids have competed
all their lives. We offer them the chance to
play this fabulous sport, which is everything their
mom said don’t do. Don’t play in the mud. Don’t hit other girls. Don’t be too aggressive. They’re either hooked,
or they go away. I think it’s just so
different because it’s demanding in the running, but
you’ve just never hit things like the way when
you play rugby. When I came to UVA
as my first year, I found this was my group
of people, a family. UVA really wouldn’t
have been the same without the group of girls
that I’m playing rugby with. It’s hard to get
closer to someone than hitting them three
times a week in practice. I remember I made
my first tackle, getting my shoulder
into somebody, and I was like, this is awesome. These kids are smart,
so we just tell them, this game is about space,
and it’s about possession. You give them just an
open plan, and they’re going to do something
creative with it. We give them the keys to the
car, and we say drive away. And this year they’re driving
to the national championship. We’re all very high
achieving people, so we come on this field. We just want to do
our best and excel at this thing that we’re doing. The plan is to win. It’s always to win. We want to continue
to go to the finals, continue to go to the nationals. I’ll go home for winter break,
and I won’t hit anything for a month and I miss it. And I feel like I’m not
fulfilling some purpose, so it’s really–
it’s something deep. And when the season
is about to begin, it’s just the most
exciting thing.

UVA Women’s Rugby on the Championship Trail
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  • May 12, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Go Wahoos!


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