BACK WITH AN INSPIRING STORY.. THE MOTTO OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT MEN’S HOCKEY TEAM’S IS P-S-T… PRIDE, SELFLESS, TOUGH. THOSE THREE LETTERS UNITE A GROUP OF 27… BUT OVER THE LAST YEAR THEY HAVE COME TO DEFINE ONE PLAYER ON THE ROSTER. WPTZ’S STEPHEN WATSON HAS THE STORY Hours Before game time, UVM forward Kyle Reynolds sit alone, he goes through his routine, visualizes the future game plan … “Definitely a bunch of nerves, I was really nervous” That’s because this weekend he found himself reflecting on the past, , An open ice hit in an exhibition game ended his junior season. The result.. A torn, acl, mcl and meniscus in his left knee.. “It was tough coming to the rink every day knowing that I couldn’t go on the ice.” For the next 8- to 10 months, Reynolds instead found a home in the weight room… his wounds of the past marked by several scars.. With every rep he grew stronger… “I knew that the end was near and I was going to be able to play again soon.” Rehabilitation has Reynolds back to 100 percent. As for the rest of his team, seeing the No. 9 jersey back in the locker room adds extra motivation to an already inspired group. “I really saw maturity emerge from Kyle. He was always a very well spoken young man. He’s been incredible in terms of his professionalism and his attention to detail and how he took care of himself. The positive attitude that he brought to the rink was contagious in our locker room. It really had an impact to how everyone came to work every day. His leadership is really important to our team success this year and I’m really fortunate to have him on my side .. One year after he was helped off the ice, Reynolds jumped back on to the ice for gameday, left knee forward.. “Sunday was really special, I got to play the game I love again and I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity.. You take things day at a time. You stay positive throughout anything in hockey and in life. Everything happens for a reason and I’m grateful to be playing again. Healthier than ever, Number 9 is back on the top line. A dream he once visualized alone atop the ice, is now a reality.. In Burlington, Stephen Watson WPTZ

UVM hockey star overcomes the odds to get back on the ice
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