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Automation – copy, print, workflow and IT Problem Solved. [music] Rick Garza: For the UW Rugby Club the road
to division championships and national titles has always been an uphill climb. However,
with the recent acquisition of a USA rugby legend as head coach, the chance for the UW
Rugby Club to make a name for itself has finally arrived. Kevin Swiryn: You know, I couldn’t, I couldn’t
ask for a better place to be. There’s a huge community, a support system of rugby. This
area is, wow, it’s growing and it’s a really beautiful thing to be a part of. I’m just
glad I’m in the middle of it. Rick: Kevin Swiryn is a former captain of
the USA National team and he played professionally in Europe. He’s also played in the 2009 and
2011 World Cups including 13 USA test matches and 12 Sevens tournaments too. Kevin: I could ask for a little bit more
but no I’m pretty happy with how my international career went. Rick: Since his arrival in 2012 he’s turned
the program around with a winning record in each season. That includes two D1AA Varsity
Cup appearances in just three years. Kevin: Three years ago when I started coaching,
you know the goal there was let’s change the culture a little bit. Let’s go from club team
social rugby to competitive kind of fight and die for each other type rugby. The comradery
on the field as well as off. Garrett Brooks: Kevin is somebody that knows
how to get individual people inspired. He’s an inspirer, he’s made our skill level rise
as well as our conditioning, our competitive play just immensely. Rick: He even offers up the responsibility
of making and keeping club goals to his players. Kevin: You know the goals then become how
well do these guys want to play. The sky is the limit to be honest. So we talk to them
about what do they want from this. We will support them as coaching staff for whatever
that is. Rick: When it comes to game strategy, Coach
Swiryn always reiterates what he believes to be the most important aspect of the game. Kevin: You know the age old adage of “Defense
wins championships”, there’s a reason why we’ve said it for years and years in competitive
high level sports. It’s my number one priority and from there you talk about the little things. Nick Gadbaw: Kevin is all about defense.
We spend a lot of time on defense every week and he has said that he would rather win a
game 0-3 than win a game 52-17. Rick: The other dynamic in creating a better
UW Rugby Club – scouting for talent in Washington State’s All-Star tournaments. Because it’s
there that some of the best talent in the nation come to play. Nick: He’d ask me things that a lot of other
coaches wouldn’t but like what my weaknesses were during the game that week that I played.
So he wanted to know how he could help me improve. The way he went around about things it definitely
helped me make the decision. Rick: In order for this club to reach it’s
goals in becoming national contenders, the players must simply meet the challenge put
before them by Coach Swiryn. And that starts with perfecting the fundamentals. Kevin: There’s so many minor parts of the
game that if you don’t have the fundamentals it doesn’t matter so we really focus on the
basics. 1, 2, 3 Dawgs!

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