is a snack in my hand i saw this and bought this while i was at
rajakkadu this snack’s name is “VADI”
i actually didn’t eat this i thought about eating it after taking the
video we can see powdered sugar in this
also we can see jeera and sesame seeds and also i see cardamom
i don’t know the recipe for this i any of you watching this video know the
recipe please let me know i bought this as i thought it is a bit odd
view there was also undampori and and mulakuvada
i couldn’t get it this time it is a sight to behold
it used to be here earlier but i didn’t see it earlier
it used to be here about 35 years or so before i’ll tell you how it is in the next video
i hope you guys like this video

VADI / വടി / Stick snack ||| Ep 149

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