received my vbox sport yesterday going to do a bit of a review for you, lets get this open in the box, i ordered a vbox sport and a windscreen mount, i suggest you get the windscreen mount if you’re using this on a car lets get that open quickly okay, windscreen mount and backing plate, backing plate goes on the back of the actual vbox sport windscreen mount goes on the windscreen sticks on quite firm lets get the main box open, vbox sport comes in a neat little package lets open it up there you go thats the vbox sport, obviously much smaller than the traditional vbox what you get in the box, the vbox sport itself compact little unit its got ports at the back for the sd card, for the usb input and for the external antenna buttons on the front, to switch it on, to start recording, to check battery life, to check bluetooth connection etc comes with a usb cable lighter socket charger and a backing plate here you go there are your openings for the sd card, the usb port and the external antenna thats how it connects to your pc or mac you can also remove the sd card and insert it into your sd card slot the backing plates installed when you put them together lets do some runs i’ve got it mounted to my windscreen bluetooth connects quite easily, not much to do there download the (vbox) performance test app from the app store vbox sport will connect to it, click start when you’re ready to record okay, i’ve attached the vbox sport to my windscreen, opened up the performance test app searching for vbox sport vbox sport is connected all i need to do is click start when im ready im gonna stop the car because it will start recording from standstill only click the start button and launch im doing just over a quarter mile down here when i get to the end ill show you what the results look like results are immediately available
on your iphone i’ve got it set up for kilometers per hour, not miles per hour but you just have to go to config and change that setting if you want to use mph lets look at my results should be at the bottom here scooby 0-100 time, 7.53 seconds, top speed 175 200 meters, 9.83 seconds, 400 meters, 15.21 scroll a bit there ill get my quarter mile time, 15.27 seconds easy peasy with this vbox sport

VBOX Sport Review – Unboxing and introduction to the new VBOX Sport
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