(upbeat electronic music) – You know, one thing
that I’ve really enjoyed in my seven years working here
at Long Beach City College is the spirit of unity and Viking pride within our athletic department. The student athletes here at the college really do have a sense of school spirit. It’s something that we’d really
love just as a department, especially LBCC football is to get the community more involved. get the student body more involved. We have a great product. All of our kids are from the community. We’re not one of these
schools that brings in a bunch of kids from out-of-state. These are all local kids. These are kids that you
went to high school with over the last four years. You
went to middle school with. You went to elementary school with. Come see us play. Come see the hard work these guys put in. And they are a true reflection
of you, the student here, because they care about your college. They care about our community. Come out and check ’em out, enjoy the program, enjoy the game. You’re gonna see Mt. SAC. It’s gonna be extremely physical, it’s gonna be fun, it’s
gonna be fast-paced. And come on out against Mt. SAC. You’ll see something special. (upbeat electronic music)

“Welcome Back LBCC” Football Game at Veterans Stadium
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