Five teams in the Northland-wide
rugby competition have boycotted playing club side, Whangaruru, following allegations of gang
intimidation and violent threats. However, a long-time stalwart
of Whangaruru says the Northland Rugby Union is racist
for letting it get this far. Raniera Harrison reports. A rugby club
without anyone to play. Northland club rugby side, Whangaruru have been boycotted
this season by five teams in the Northland Southern
Districts Division 2 competition after allegations of gang behaviour
from members within the team. However the concern
is to the Northland Rugby Union. Hetaraka says that the union is condoning the racist attitudes
of the clubs. Complaints were discussed at a Northland Rugby Union meeting
last month. Hetaraka, who has been part
of the club for 40 years, says there is more
to these complaints. The team is composed
of family members from the intrinsically Maori
community 50kms north of Whangarei. The club is currently consulting
alternative sources to allow Whangaruru
to still be able to play football. Both the Northland Rugby Union
and New Zealand Rugby Unions are conducting investigations
into the matter. Raniera Harrison, Te Karere.

Whangaruru rugby stalwart labels Northland Rugby Union racist

2 thoughts on “Whangaruru rugby stalwart labels Northland Rugby Union racist

  • April 3, 2018 at 3:29 am

    he was the worst idiot on the field till he met his match with MANGAKAHIA RUGBY he tries to intimidate the young ones on the field hes one of the dirtiest players of all time and his son follows in his foot step and they do have gang intimidations on and off the field northland rugby is not racist but whangaruru dont like losing so they try fighting well they get nowhere with mangakahia cos we aint scared of them or carmen or krusty the clown is what everyone calls him

  • January 23, 2019 at 7:05 am

    when did this happen. cause mangakahia has been mud for ages


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