“It is just a really good form of exercise for them.” “It incorporates a lot of games for them so… “…I think that is why they enjoy it. It is not strict.” “They know they are coming to have fun and it is not just all about the game… “…of rugby, it’s about learning how to be with other children.” “So it is really good for them.” “Their confidence has really, really grown, in terms of not just their sporting ability…” “…but them as little people.” “And how they interact with others and how they interact with sporting activities.” “We put the first cohort through Hinckley Rugby Club.” “And instead of having about six kids arrive “on an under-6s day, they had 45 children arrive “from our area so that, for me, was a success in itself.” “The coaches were saying that ‘we have so many kids it’s unbelievable.” “But also they can throw and catch and pass and they understand the concept of fair play.” “And they are not getting stressed about losing their tag.” “All of those things are important through didi rugby.”

What is didi rugby? Watch this video to find out.
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