Canadiens 100% because the Leafs suck
and their defence are pylons. Oh come on, you have to ask that question. Obviously. Look what I’m wearing. What do you think? What’s the
answer to that? it’s got to be Montreal! Do you think the Toronto will ever win the
Stanley Cup? Period? Come on! No way, it’s not happening. Ask him: Is it happening? No, never. It’s never gonna happen. It might not be this year for Montreal. It might be next year. But it will never be Toronto. Another 50-odd years or so? Then maybe. No, it’s not happening. I wish Montreal. I think Montreal will go through with all the new kids and everything But Toronto has a good team also. Unfortunately I think it’s gonna be Toronto. Their stars are young like ours but a they’re little bit more seasoned than ours. Unfortunately I think
it’ll be Toronto. Canadian because they’re a young team and the heart is big like this. And they have a good general manager. Your name is? Bergevin! This is my cousin!

Who will win the Stanley Cup first: Montreal or Toronto?
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