Hi, it’s Ludo from the “Le Tatou” channel.
Today, I’m with Brut and we’re going to meet a team
of professional athletes: the Soul Flyers. That’s them. And that’s also them. In short, as I’m sure you’ve understood,
Soul Flyers are extreme sportsmen. So how does their discipline work?
How do they train? With Brut, we’re going to make you
discover a sport that seems to be the most dangerous sport
in the world: Wingsuit flying. We are in Chambéry,
in Savoie Parachuting and I’m going to meet Fred and Vince,
they’re part of the Soul Flyers, they are BASE jumpers
and professional parachutists. Now, we’re going to freestyle. We talked about the program in general, but
we’re going to leave a lot of room for improvisation, now, we’re gonna have some fun. The Wingsuit allows you to fly.
But how does it work? It’s very simple, the suit is
actually made up of three parts: both arms and legs. These three parts, when in contact with air,
will inflate and then stiffen to fly. There are different sizes of Wingsuit
depending on the jump to be performed: either from an aircraft or by BASE jump. BASE jump: parachuting from a mountain, a building… but not a plane. The smaller the suit, the more manageable
it will be to perform tricks, for example. And the bigger it is,
the easier it will be to stabilize, useful in the context of a BASE jump. We use the plane as a means of training, we’re going to practice some of the moves
we’re going to make on a plane. since we can repeat them,
we have a lot more time. And then once we’re mastered them,
we’ll go and reproduce them in BASE jumping. – So now I’m going to try a Wingsuit. I’m not going to jump, it’s just to try, really.
And there you go, to see what it looks like. – So now you put it in there, in your arm.
You’re going to close your waders. – Hop. – You have a chest clip.
– Yeah, perfect. – You’re gonna lift you foot here,
like that, and you’re put it in the booster. – Do you feel the little sole there?
It has to be flat. – Yeah, I got it, yeah.
It has to be at the back, yeah. – You pull down, you zip all the way up.
– It’s actually pretty heavy! – And you’re going zip it
all the way to the top. Spread your legs, there you go. You can make small
adjustments with that in the air but most of the steering is with the shoulders
and also the torso: bending, unbending, knees. You put your hand behind it and grab that handle.
– Oh yeah, right, and then you pull. – You need to slow down before pulling
the handle because if you’re at full speed and the suit, it’s fully pressurized, so when you’ll want to grab the handle,
it’s going to be so inflated that it’ll be difficult. You train here at a skydiving centre,
on a plane, doing it over and over again. You can’t make mistakes,
you have to pull and that’s it. – And anyway, you don’t have an
automatic trigger, you have nothing at all. – No, you don’t have
an automatic trigger. – Honestly I feel…
– Like a fish in water! – Or like a flying squirrel.
No, but it makes you want to fly. Obviously it makes you want
to jump and try it out. Humans have always dreamt of flying. The first evidence of attempted flights
dates back to the early 20th century. In 1912, Reichelt was inspired by
the bats’ physiognomy to create a parachute suit. Unfortunately, he died
testing his invention by jumping off the first floor of the Eiffel Tower,
on February 4th of that same year. In the 1930s, Clem Sohn developed
a suit to extend the time of free fall. He died April 25th 1937 at age 26
during the Vincennes air festival. His parachute didn’t open and
he crashed in front of the spectators. It was at the beginning of the 1990s
when the Frenchman Patrick de Gayardon looked into the concept
in a more scientific way. He created an aerodynamic suit,
the practice of modern Wingsuit flying was born. At first, we would fold parachutes
to make money, to pay for training jumps. As we progressed,
we made it to the French team. So we did 10 years of competition
in the French team. We won 6 world titles. – Yeah, I saw that.
– And during those years, to live, because skydiving
competition doesn’t pay even if you’re a world champion,
so we were giving classes on the side. When we stopped competing, we had
lots of ideas but that many resources and we wanted to start
producing films, in projects, we had dreams and
we wanted to do things. We were already doing BASE jumping in parallel
and we increasingly wanted to do more and professionalize ourselves in BASE jumping.
And then, little by little, we managed to earn the trust of some sponsors
who allowed us to carry out projects, etc. And now we’ve been doing this for 10 years. – Can you imagine, we’re going to do our… How much did we say?
– We’re going to celebrate our 20 years next year. 20 years of jumping together. That’s crazy.
– We’ve known each other for 20 years. but next year, it’s going to be our
20th year of jumping together. It’s 8 in the morning, I’m next to “La Clusaz”
and I’m waiting for Fred and Vince who are going to BASE jump with
the Wingsuit from this point up there. – Hi! Are you good?
– Yeah, great! – Great. – So what do we do now?
What’s the program? – The idea is to fly in this valley over
the whole grass patch we see there, until it ends up near the stones
over there and then open the parachutes next to the farm and land near the cows. – Basically, I’m going to have to go all
the way up there and normally they’ll graze me. – So I think we’re ready to go. – The mountain climb, let’s go. How are you feeling right now,
just before the jump? – It feels pretty good.
The walk is always nice, we talk a bit
about the flight line. It’s also a time of relaxation,
where you can talk a little bit about everything, you’re in the middle of nature,
no one to disturb you. – The flight, it really adapts to the terrain
and the spot. So depending on the slope, depending on how the mountains are placed, really depending on the terrain,
we’ll schedule the jump. On jumps like this, we have a plan
and we respect it. – Weather, is it important in this sport?
– The weather is more than important – Is it crucial?
– Especially when you do jump off mountains. That’s it, you’re even more
dependent on the weather. Of course forecasts, looking
a little early on what will happen, helps us a lot, but after that,
you can’t take away the part where you to get there and you’re able
to look around and say: okay, it’s possible. – Beyond the freefall,
which is already a crazy feeling, now being able to glide down slopes,
along landforms, along cliffs, it’s hard to explain.
We can watch a lot of videos but that’s what we experience when we do it…
– It must be crazy. – It’s completely insane and
it makes you want to do it again. – After 1500 BASE jumps, even after that,
are you still scared or not when you jump? – Yeah, there’s always fear, yeah, for sure.
– A form of fear, yeah. – It’s not natural to jump off a cliff.
– Yeah, I agree! – We’re very focused before departure
and the fear keeps us alive. Because the day when we’re no longer
afraid and we don’t realize the danger, that’s when we’re really in danger. I’ve just arrived at my spot,
where I’m going to wait for them, about halfway through for them, because
they’re going to fly by me in Wingsuit. And they’re all over there…
All the way over there. We’re on top of it. And there we are,
we’ve arrived. Yes! Should we close the visors? 3, 2, 1… Oh, fuck! It was great being able
to see them so close. We’ve had this idea in our minds
for a while and we wanted to do it and it worked out really well.
Once again, we had a great time. Gavage ! Slight trembling…. I’m coming
down from the adrenaline rush. – Oh my God! – I wasn’t as good as the other day,
but you see, I managed easy. – We left ourselves half a second apart….
I would’ve left you more, I wasn’t catching up. – It’s really cool being able to put
people on the slope and fly next to it. For them, it’s a pretty sight and
for us, they make reference points so it’s really nice. – They came so close!
It’s unbelievable. It was very impressive.
The speed and the sound! I didn’t think it would
make that much noise, actually. – Yeah, we’re at 150 km/h. – It’s a sport that requires commitment,
but it can be done safely if we respect the briefing,
if we respect the training, if we respect the spot we’re going
to jump from based to our level. – People actually only see the final step.
– That’s it! They don’t see the preparation. – They see the video on Youtube with a guy
skimming the ground thinking: “Yeah, they’re sick!” Except to get to this point…
how many years of work? – Little by little, the general public
should be able to distinguish, within the mass information
on the web nowadays, the people who’d do anything
from those who try to stay alive and show a positive image of our sport. We do not know exactly
how many people Wingsuit in France. Strictly speaking, BASE jumping
and Wingsuit flying are activities that
don’t require a license. Anyone can, tomorrow if they want,
buy a sail and go for a jump But these activities can be very dangerous.
There are fatal accidents every year. It is therefore necessary to
have intensive training and advice from professionals to
be able to do this safely. – Uh… are you ready?
– I think so. – Are you a little stressed?
– Definitely! It’s the first time I’ve ever parachuted,
it’s not natural to jump out of a plane. Having Fred and Vince
by my side reassures me a lot. Then they also told me that they couldn’t
do anything if anything went wrong… Which made me feel much less reassured! Little takeoff, perfect! Ludo, this is amaaazing! It was… seriously guys, it’s one of
the best experiences I’ve had in my life. – Great! Great! Congratulations! Congratulations! – Guys… it was sheer bliss.
– It was great! – Thanks to you, it was crazy!
– Your face from start to end, big smile! – The smile! It was so great!
– “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” – It was great! It was great!
– Amazing, the sensations…. I really didn’t expect it
to be as crazy! It was insane. – And we were loving it together….
– Definitely! – We took each other’s hand…
– We were high-fiving and everything. – We were high-fiving, it was amazing.
– We didn’t stop, we were all letting go – I’m going to do it again I think, I have to, it was great.
– Great! Great! Shall we go up? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It makes you want to go back up. You have a dream sport, a dream sport…
– Oh, that’s great, it’s good to see you like this. – So good! Oh, yeah. They have the best job in the world
because it’s their passion, parachuting, Wingsuit flying,
BASE jumping… It’s their passion and they manage
to make a living out of it. I have learned a lot of things. First of all, there’s a whole thing about safety
that we wouldn’t necessarily suspect, we think the guys, they come in,
they jump, period. Well, not at all, actually! And that’s what’s crazy,
it’s all very calculated, actually. It’s a sport of its own, seriously!

Wingsuit : un des sports les plus extrêmes (avec Ludo du Tatou et les Soul Flyers)
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