(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Brings it in,
cuts to the right circle, Give it up there– – [Announcer] Yeah! – [Announcer] Backhand shot,
Goal for Michigan State. Khodorenko came up with it at
the base of the right circle, and surprised Lebedeff. Cuts into the middle,
leaves it for Lewandowski. Back to Hirose, now to
Khodorenko, shot, Goal! – [Announcer] Ho, ho – [Announcer] Now Milan gets
it back up top to Cesana, Back over to Hirose. In front, shot, Goal for Michigan State!– – [Announcer] Ho, ho – [Announcer] Redirected
in by Lewandowski. (upbeat music) Stripping the puck at the blue line and into the empty net for Taro Hirose. (upbeat music) The final score here at Munn Ice Arena, Michigan State, four, Wisconsin, one.

Wisconsin vs Michigan State | Cinematic Highlight | Hockey
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