– What is wrong with this? (laughs) (techno music) – Today we’re gonna try four different brands of sports bras to see what fits on our body types best. – We’ll be grading the
bras on a series of tests. – Style. – Comfort. – And gravity defying abilities. – My biggest pet peeves with sports bras are definitely ones that are ill fitting. So it’s challenging to find ones that don’t cut in in all the wrong places, but that also offer a lot of support. – I would love a sports
bra that is supportive, that doesn’t hurt me, and also when you have such
big boobs you want lift, but you don’t want them
to like be in your neck and choke you. – Because I have really small boobs I’m really fortunate in
that it’s easy for me to find something that supports them, however it’s really
difficult to find something that also makes me feel sexy. So when I look for sports bras, I’m usually trying to find like the nice figure creating kind. – It’s kind of hard to
find one that’s cute and actually functions well. – Alright, let’s get sporty. (upbeat music) – I think the look is generally okay. – Like minimizes my bust in a way. – It does give me a little
bit of curve which is nice. – I am not a fan of sports
bras with a clasp in the back. – It’s a little tight
up here around my neck but I mean, I’m used to that. – It feels a little bit stiff. – The one thing that I’m
feeling particularly right now is this cutting in quite a bit. – It’s doing well on the bounce test, my boobs are staying in place. – Usually trying to do
that downward dog position my boobs would like be in my mouth and that did not happen. – I felt stable, not like
I was going anywhere. (upbeat music) – I’m not gonna lie, it’s pushing my boobs so together, I just have one boob right now. – So I love the way this looks. I was actually very surprised, ’cause I normally don’t go
for bras that are so simple. – I can kinda tell already that
this is meant to do the job more than it is to feel
super sexy or curvy while you’re doing it. – It’s actually really,
really comfortable, it’s a super soft material. – No tugging, baseline
feels nice and tight but not too tight. – I have a feeling this
is gonna be terrible so, let’s just try it. Yeah. Do you see my boobs? I’m about to choke on my own boobs. – If it was was something just like a weight lifting workout, or
just a gymnastics workout, it would feel great, but the high intensity might
get a little bit sketchy. – I’m not bouncing so that’s good. My boobs are trying in place. (upbeat music) – Right off the bat, this bra
is achieving my goal today of feeling sexier while working out. – I feel ridiculous in this. – I feel like I’m wearing a push up bra and not a sports bra. – Putting this bra on, however, was like strapping into a jet pack. You have to clip and zip. – It feels very supportive underneath, the straps, I love that
they’re adjustable. – Oh God. That was weird. I do not wanna do that again. – It feels like body armor so, I really feel locked and
loaded in this bad boy. – So this bra is a structured cup versus compression material, so anytime you like
come away from the cups there’s definitely some peekage. (upbeat music) So I like the style of this bra. I think it does a good
job of being a cute bra while staying in the realm
of being athletic wear. – This is just like a wow, why are my boobs doing this? – I really appreciate the creative braided design of the back. – I don’t know how often you see them but, I mean you can’t deny
that it’s a cool look. – The fabric feels really
nice and really soft. – I know these things
are like mad expensive, so it better feel like fucking velvet rubbing against my nipples. – I will say I wish it were
a little bit more snug. – I was concerned that
the braids would kinda be moving around as I was bouncing, and I couldn’t feel them at
all, so that was really nice. – Oh my God. Yep, my nipple actually
popped out there a little bit. – It probably wasn’t the best thing to go upside down in. – There’s a little bit of movement, but like not so much that it bothers me. (techno music) – My favorite bra out of all
of the ones we tried today was lululemon. – The Nike bra. – The Victoria’s Secret bra. – The Champion bra. – Nike for me was the most comfortable and the most functional which
are really the two things that I’m looking for most in a sports bra. – With the lululemon bra I
feel a little bit of curves but also very supportive
without the space in between situation that I was having with both Champion Systems
and Victoria’s Secret. – This bra hit probably all
the things on my check list in terms of style, comfort, and just overall function of the bra. – I am very surprised
that the cheapest bra is my favorite bra. I am used to spending a little bit extra for you know, support and comfort, but this is really doing it for me. – As we’ve shown today, it depends on your body
type what kind of bra you’re going to be into, so definitely put in the effort to find right the one for you. It’s out there, and then we
can all do all the fun stuff, and our boobs don’t have to stop us. – Like if I were a yogi, I think that is what they call themselves, I wouldn’t know, they would want this to
like show off in the back, like oh look how cute my downward dog is. Oh my God look, I can put
my ankle behind my head. Let’s grab green teas after this. (techno music)

Women Test Different Sports Bras
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