As far as, I can remember I always left a game. I would watch them on Shaka Nians with my parents. It was a childhood dream, that I shared with all my teammates at a very young age that one day, we could play for the Montreal Canadians. I grew up in the 80s in Toronto and at that time, girls didn’t play hockey. There was no girls hockey and in fact
girls weren’t welcome and I love to win. There was no option, there was no female
hockey bagged in. I didn’t know that women or other girls played the game I really saw their girls. That was very devastating and probably one of the
first times I realized. Oh, wow there’s this real Canadian game but somehow I’m not allowed to play. For once every four years at the Olympic
Games we are the pride of a nation. Whether you’re female or male playing
hockey for Canada. People are so proud of the way we perform they’re proud to rally around us. But, then what happens in between not many people are aware or are fighting to ask to find out. I think we have a great product in the CWHL. And for most people that come for the first time, they’re usually impressed they want to come back they love what they saw. When we were able to form that partnership with the Montreal Canadians and become the Canadians. I think it was a way for us also to recognize that we were the female sister team. We want all the young girls that are playing growing up now to to dream of playing for they can enhance and to also just be able to have careers in the
sport you know in ways that some have even the current players and myself as well weren’t able to have. I often think to myself, imagine if all
of us could just play full-time. Just put our heart and our soul and our bodies
into it all even greater the product will be and… I guess that’s our greatest
mission is to have our own professional link. So that young girls just like the
boys can dream of you know a woman’s NHL one day.

Women’s ice hockey team left in the cold
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