Hi, my name is Ola,
I’m from Norway, and I study Sports Management
at Geneva Business School, Barcelona. For me, the World Football Summit
will undoubtedly help me connect with future employers and get me a future job
which I will enjoy very much. The World Football Summit is a good
place to network with good companies because I want to work
in the business of football later. It’s a good way to connect with people that would be interesting
to work with in the future. They are networking with so many
specialists in the football industry, attending sessions and learning. These guys are investing in their future. My favorite speaker is Darren Eales,
Atlanta United Director, and he explained the growth
of the club he has in America as well as combining football
with the city of Atlanta United and creating a great atmosphere. I’m really looking forward
to seeing Daniel Vicente. He will be talking about
the digitization of LaLiga clubs. I think it’s really important to have
digitization also in the world of sports because as it’s an old thing,
sports has been here for a long time, it’s good to see how people are going
to manage digitization, social media etc. and to see how it’s going to increase
the audience of the sport itself. It’s not only about what you learn
in the classroom, but also outside, and we, as Geneva Business School,
want to contribute to that.

World Football Summit 2019 | Geneva Business School
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