are going to learn something about ice hockey world championship I’m going to teach you some basic version expression took the let’s start I euro champion should we say maestro’s bass betta let alone oke I throws class let’s have led ovum ok ji hockey player we say okay cap ok is that or you can also say ok will be wrapped couch the word for the player The Winter’s tell you we say jiminy study on English to do the word for the puck it cook book go Lisa go similar to score you can say score over or you can say ‘ethreal it go really go which was roaming to shoot the goal we have ok cap the word for ice hockey stick ok cap next we have a word for the goalkeeper we have Branca Branca trainer trainer 10 referee we see Rosa Rosa fan penuche cobia panocha cobia ice hockey team with a hockey team ok i’ll be singing oh we say pow pow 2 whole power but foul over mellow eco madeira mandawa bronze medal bronze / medela silver tray borna and gold vodka all objectives have our ending because now family best player we say knowledge she had nyala she had at the match is that path the path or you can also stay straight not yet threatening here which will throw me a meeting if you want to say that world ice hockey championship will be held in some town in year you can say maestro’s fast beta Vlad ovum hockey that was koo touch Nia but add some city for example mosfet in Moscow the Roku 30 seeds but in 2020 you want to say that today there is a match between two countries let’s say so back in Norway you can say it in it wrap slow dance co crunchy nor school today so backe a play the true against Norway if you want to say at some country one you can say we hear a lot or with rally or we here at black depends on the gender of the noun the country oh let’s say we had our spa svenska did not know slovakia 1-1 0 and if you can’t realize you can say hello or parenterally or la la again depends on the ginger let’s say three hurrah canada canada a bath three two three ok so that’s all i hope you found this lesson interesting and in the next lesson

World Ice Hockey Championship
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