[applause] [music] [music] not hello everyone friends this is jarushin khaki show the next season starts very soon continental hockey league and I don’t I know how this event is for you because my very favorite club from my hometown Chelyabinsk This is a tractor. This is a club. rich in tradition the tractor is the most a powerful club in the Urals tractor has the most powerful hockey school in the Urals there is only one cool sandpiper Magnitogorsk metallurgist over the shoulder and now I’m box for someone you understand visiting me today Defender of Magnitogorsk Metallurgist Olympic champion from Magnitogorsk yet Gagarin Cup winner from Magnitogorsk looking for a world champion from Magnitogorsk all-all igor yakovlev visiting friends Yarushin Khaki [applause] as you understand my visiting guard Magnitogorsk Metallurgist Olympic champion egor yakovlev if someone doesn’t knows if someone doesn’t know then in khl it permanent ural derby confrontation of these two teams Magnitogorsk metallurgical tractor the most moronic question that you asked reporters say basically but these templates are always the same egor right now here in our program I I will ask you a question and which you will never in life they will not be asked games say please a year without sex or a year without hockey without hockey how to contact a coach if you forgot his name I did this all year if you do not know games this year played national what league in the club new jersey devils you really didn’t remember your name Yes, but not there, but the main thing I remember but there were many there and I’m just a coach do you want a big contract or a big one chest contract will be contract will that’s the question which of the women would you became one day buzovoy why and the miner what is not so busy life continue phrase sexy than mozyakin only zarypov took [applause] [music] [music] zhilin nirvana downstairs just and you are not a member of the HOA [music] removal of war Chelyabinsk this is a mannequin at all listen nothing out of the row I have options and who do not will seek support pour I rendered Chelyabinsk [music] bed base red circus du salts in your house queen of backing vocals [music] would you like to introduce you to my longtime girlfriend from beautiful charmingly lovely also there is a lot of red with a stranger shop how old is a blogger writer former best-selling author of the book that’s it here we are therefore not by then yet we’ll definitely talk today 100 gram more than two million subscribers half of them sane these subscribers are also our work all the time hockey club tractor and even at one time no luck live with a hockey player tract so it happened on the mother lovely again in doubt says that it was lucky that the mother of two kid and I’m here for luck like life hockey players are lucky while having children it does not carry on and on the contrary I wanted say that she is a mother of lovely two boys twins and in this no luck even bigger she blames religion yet Natasha the eldest on the porch from Igor just an Olympic champion scary highly it’s an olympic champion i just want I’m scared too, well let’s wake up runs Olympic champion than number people who do not need magnets here hockey players who come with gifts on our program we are playing among you among the most active subscribers who writes a comment under the video offers its contests for just transfer Vladislav Gavrikov brought from players themselves stick and a souvenir T-shirt Russian national team with his autograph and today wins, we congratulate vadim Ivan tea leaves you gaiters stepan gabidullin we congratulate you leaves hockey stick and moose you guys the national team souvenir shirt autographed by Vladislav gavrikova be active write your contests here below under video in comments and in the next program we already play a new jersey baseball cap devils from yegor yakovlevo with his autograph all winners i congratulate and request huge to write to you here on this mail to get my presents i now we check which of us is better versed in hockey are you ready i stand the question in five seconds you need give three answers to natasha 3 exclamations with which you celebrate clogged tractor goals were three consecutive seasons yes so it was yegor show me three best body parts natasha the knot immediately the mask itself was noted by Natasha your team loses ten zero were nights you remind everyone well your team loses 51 10th all ok yes ahead you were in locker room your teams 3 things which you can’t tell them without a mother too three things which you say well guys real ceramica jargon of which everything right well damn i don’t know i just walked past the locker room it was not not game moment is just in the morning honor send mare it just wasn’t except for the mat at all, nothing even unions were you somehow managing so well mentally communicate he is working hormone Yes, and man understands get to hammer who in rank and mountains name 3 smells that quickly 3 smells which publishes a hockey player for losing victory natasha three things that never you will not do with the hockey player double of all do it three best excuses not to I don’t want to go out to a match hunting and I do not want reluctance 3 is better excuses from sex I already had the correct answer well come on the bench spare over the network then again you try I don’t know how to excuse myself cool for mom mom I guessed I say people would be aware that the researchers did research to sex he is an anesthetic good that is if a woman tell me there will be a head you are you investigating nigga I still have anesthesia wait situations and brush dow on his knee hurts runs out and women from support group gacha with pain don’t need a general question three things for which we love hockey emotion intrigue and money and money for important him what did you bring us your cap today brought new jersey devils Yes, I do not need more, I think that we are not we will not now weapon in hand tear off cap new jersey devils igor played for this club previous season I sign it to friends and write to comments what kind of contest would you like see what 6 against our midi them people the best competition we will choose we’ll play them here and you’ll definitely will be rewarded it’s without a block one hundred percent to someone from you will leave and the city you eat so much ride know and throat the love you have from Natasha thank you very much my good thanks guys here too the book will go away Natasha herself you all know u have a celebration from goal celebrations but this fear has become fashionable hockey give knock down when you dance like you groove and gets up on ice an incomprehensible thing is it has become fashionable to celebrate the beautiful on metal she’s right on the ice right now I suggest you enjoy your the rules went very simple now you throw the puck on empty gates natasha in any way you get throw the puck go 2 continue your movement and i I tell you, for example, a halo and you start to improvise start Rejoice as you would like to be happy maybe you imagine yourself in arsenal then what well and take ok done come on a rock paper scissors who first tabs stone scissors paper one two three yegor begins to give [applause] [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [music] [music] [music] understand as well as super gas what political [music] interestingly became associated with what generally but you had a relationship tess a lot of chopped if we shorter went to the army sunrise they are a man who outside there inside a man so you understand the bear is going to ride there inside alive people sat on 0 people joined the army evil ride in important go it had to be replaced it’s very hemorrhoid to explain to the new why are we getting a bear a suit is poured on him shorts and a tank top I hired from a ace some very talented match skates everything he hoped for such a figure I need to fasten these fastening is very uncomfortable he does not call will call everything he is walked says where T-shirt where short came in and I’m director and the shirt and shorts he buttoned like this here is the tail you him I no longer if would you say hockey goals from him sleep a few stay one more you repair today pure hockey who loses that erotically to the camera invites all fans to visit Magnitogorsk metallurgist match rights to Chelyabinsk tractor through friends on also red at his gate I spoke throws but with one condition Igor Yakovlev I turn the bun throw the opposite end and restrain her leg not easy secure 1 on our in gate yegor come on let’s go vegas [music] but guys punishment Wow [laughter] sleep [applause] to lose and decisive red and now friends [applause] [applause] hanging hello cheerleader if you like hockey and the Ural derby then you to us for the match metallurgical tractor we will get this dead tractor and arrange fry [music] [applause] [music] I am
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Yarushin Hockey Show №5. Егор Яковлев и Наташа Краснова: чемпион мира и писательница играют в хоккей

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