My dream is to be an Olympian. I want to be
one of the best female hockey players that ever lived, so I want to go to the Olympics
and make the national team, and make a huge impact there. Everyone knows Assabet and you hear the name and think of the legacy that its brought and how it was one of the first programs, and how Mr. Gray started girls hockey in this area. Sport in general is really an important thing for I think a lot of people, so you know learning leadership, hard work, dedication, all that stuff — it’s so important to apply it to your everyday life. I love Assabet just because
of the girls that I meet and the hockey that I’m playing. I’m playing at such a high level
and just the people that I meet. I’ve been friends with the girls on my team for years
and I’m going to be friends with them for the rest of my life. I think we have a lot
of future Olympians here. We have a lot of people that work hard and are dedicated and
have a — they dream big so that’s a great thing.

Young Womens Hockey Players Set Sights On Olympics
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