The Slap Shot Hockey Program is one of actually
the first programs that Character Community has been delivering in the community. We’ve
had it for eight years and it’s actually a social inclusion program. Everyone
thinks it’s a hockey program and we’re actually using hockey as the catalyst.
So, it’s here to children who face social, and financial barriers, and we deliver
this program in both school boards throughout York Region.
Today’s the on ice day of the Slap Shot Program. After five weeks of kids that
have never played hockey, learning hockey by demonstrating the character
attributes. Today they get on the team bus, they come to the arena, and step on
the ice for the first time. Last week we went to the Magna Centre and we skate,
and I really like this program because last year when I came to this program it
was my first time skating and it’s really fun.
Well I was nervous to first get on the ice, but then right when I got used to it,
it was fun! The program is really fun. I think it
helps people learn to be self-confident. So, last year I think it was in April or
May, was the first program that he attended. It was actually his very first
time on skates ever. But the people who ran the program were amazing, so
supportive and so helpful with him. So, this year when we had the opportunity to
do the program again, I left it up to him and he was like yeah for sure I want to
do it! This year I did much better and I had so much fun from doing it, that actually my
parents were comfortable getting me skates. I think that this program should always still go to different schools and I really enjoyed it.

YRDSB News & Events: Slap Shot Hockey Program with Maple Leaf P.S.
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