– Oh alright, you know what? That might’ve been a little up there. – That little victory music? (hand slaps)
– Ow. What was that all about? – [Man] That wasn’t me. – What? I’ll never forget my first day. Showing up and the first
guys I see are, you know, Cody Milan, Jarrod Rossburg,
Brennan Sanford, Mason Appleton I kind of sat back for a second and said Ah, these, you know,
these are the boys now. These guys are gonna be my, probably my best friends
for life, you know. And it’s definitely lived up to that. The amount of time we’ve spent together over these four years have been
unbelievable amount of time and they’re such great dudes to where you know, I don’t think I’m
gonna find that anywhere else and you know, I’m gonna have
those guys by my side for life. (laughing) What? I didn’t really know what I was in for, I didn’t know how many
people I was gonna be meeting I really underestimated
the size of the school. At this place you meet
someone new every day. Not to mention the boys that, you know, you develop lifelong relationships with. (whistle sounding) The first trip out to Maine was probably, you know, one of my favorite trips. Just the excitement and
almost the nervousness, the butterflies in your stomach, of getting to play your first
college game was awesome. I went out and had a pretty good weekend. Yeah, that was probably
my most memorable trip. And just getting to do that kinda, getting the butterflies
out of your stomach for the first time, it was something that I really can’t
compare to anything else. Well we all bring different
things to the table but I think one thing in common with us all is our work ethic. You know, I think right off the bat we were doing 300’s with the team. And I’ll never forget this, I think the first day we ever had to do it we barely knew any of the other guys. Fork had us run through
some 300 yard shuttles and I think the first three guys by like ten yards were all freshmen. I’ll never forget that day cause I think that was a big
part of what our freshman class brought to the table was our work ethic. (crowd cheering) I don’t think anythings
ever gonna beat the Michigan Michigan state series every year. That’s something special that most teams in college hockey don’t get to experience and I really do believe that
it’s the biggest rivalry in college hockey. And every time we get to play those guys something memorable happens. You know, I can remember
something from every game. I think the one thing
that sticks out the most and especially this year
is, you know, just the boys. You know it’s great that you
go around and meet someone new pretty much every day,
whether it be in class or, you know, different
extra curricular activities. But nothing’s every gonna
beat coming to the rink and seeing the boys every day. Especially this group of guys. It’s, you know, it’s
really something special and it’s something that I’m
probably gonna miss the most. I’d loved to be remembered
as a good skating, good puck moving, two way defense man. I probably would want my
teammates to remember me as like you know, kind of a fun loving guy. Likes to keep it loose
around the locker room and likes to joke around and have a good time. Because at the end of the day, for me, that’s what it’s always been about. You know, if it’s not
fun coming to the rink and being with the boys, and
being with your teammates and playing the game, then you know, I’ve never really seen
a point in doing it. But I do like to keep it loose. I like to keep it fun. And that’s why I love
coming to the rink everyday. Playing in Michigan State,
playing college hockey, has been a dream of mine
since I was a little kid. And all those teams that I played for were part of the system on trying to become a college hockey player. Everything I did built up to try to be the best college
hockey player I could be. Big 10 this year is very close together and everyone’s fighting for a home spot. So, I mean, that’s definitely
in the cards for us. We win a couple games and,
you know, we get a home seat. And we get to play the first game at home. We could get a few more
chances to play at Mon which would be super special to me. (inspiring piano music) (crowd clapping) (inspiring piano music) (cheering) (audience clapping to music) – [Player] Go green on
three, one, two three. – [Team] Go green! (inspiring piano music) (crowd cheering) (horns sounding) (crowd cheering) (inspiring piano music) (crowd cheering) (inspiring piano music)

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