– When we bring in somebody
to make them a part of our Sacred Heart family, we love, we look for young men that are determined, both on and off the ice. We look for young men that have great attitudes
both on and off the ice, we look for great people who are willing to be great teammates, and most importantly, we like to bring in young men who absolutely love the game of ice hockey and have a true, a true passion for it. And there’s no question that Zakarai has all those qualities and beyond. And with that being said, I think Sacred Heart Hockey and Zakarai, it makes the perfect, perfect fit. And there’s no question
Zak is gonna have a huge role within our team this year, and I expect all of us
to inspire each other to achieve great things this year. – Things like this are real positives that you know we feel this
amazing sense of community, and the university and
the coach and the team and everyone down the line. And seeing him at practice was so amazing that I can’t say enough
about the university. So for him it’s a game changer absolutely. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

Zakarai’s SHU Hockey Signing Day
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